Monday, 2 October 2017

Thirteen Moons on Turtle's Back

In countless cultures around the world, the moon can remind us of history, stories, ancestors, conflict, peace, provision, and togetherness.  China has a long history of moon mythology, stories, and interpretations.

For the Ojibway and many other First Peoples, the moon held practical and symbolic references.

I'd like to invite our students to participate as we create our own moons of remembrance to celebrate our lives: learning, triumphs, happy times, struggles, successes, and relationships.

Over the course of our school year, I'll read the story of the month's moon. Invite your learners to listen, and then help them brainstorm what they want to remember from the past month. They can add their 'story' to your home by drawing a representation of their month. Hang them on your learning wall as a visual timeline of your school year. You can also print the turtle below as a large poster and have student cut and paste little representations over each number.

If you want to follow along, or enjoy the beautiful illustrations, you can buy the book from Strong Nations or Amazon.

Our first month is Moon When Acorns Appear. 


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