Thursday, 5 October 2017

Weekly Check In Oct 2-5 + Thanksgiving Craft!

Thanksgiving is here, and that means we've all survived the first few weeks of school.

It also means we get time to sit with our families, enjoy good food, and maybe catch a game.

  1. School Wide Write has started. You can find out more here
  2. A mom shared this resource with me and I wanted to share it out to you all. Lego Challenge Cards give your learners something to do when you just can't open another workbook. For extended learning ask your student to sketch their idea first, then build it, then compare the two. Ask them to reflect on the following:
    1. Were they successful in building their sketch?
    2. What changes did they have to make and why?
  3. EverFi has an awesome course on Digital Literacy for grades 6-8.  It's called Ignition and it takes students on a journey that teaches about digital footprints, internet safety, bullying, conducting online research, and digital time management. If you're interested in your student participating email Sarah and she can get you set up. 
  4. EverFi also makes a module for learning about Money Management. It's called Vault and it mainly geared for grades 4-6. If you're interested in your student participating email Sarah and she can get you set up. 

Our Thanksgiving Craft:

In our classroom this week we've made Nutting Baskets. We took jute string and pipe cleaners and wove baskets to forage nuts and berries.

You can make your own by following the instructions in the Pioneer Thanksgiving Book.

Encourage your learners to do as much on their own as they can. Sometimes we can jump in too quick (with both help and criticism!). Learning to unravel and redo the weave a little tighter, or to critically evaluate our own work and decide if we are happy with it, or want to try again is an important skill for every person to develop, and these types of activities and crafts are a great way to do it.


Extra shoutout to Aidan who brought hazelnuts in to share with us.


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