Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Awesome Homeschool Art Resource + Free Nutcracker Activity

Hey all!
We are on the countdown to the break now; students and parents alike are looking for more indoor activities, and so I wanted to share one of my favourite homeschool art resources!

Deep Space Sparkle is the website of a former art teacher who builds the most incredible art curriculum for homeschool families.

She has a list of free activities, but she also offers artist studies, projects based around literature and books (K-4), and video lessons where she shows step by step how to do things!

She has a lot of 'freebies',  but she also has a la carte purchasing, and a Sparkle Club where you have access to everything for 6-12 months.

This week she released a Nutcracker Freebie. It looks really gorgeous, and with the upcoming trip to The Nutcracker for our South Okanagan families, this looks like a really great project.

She has also released a Mola Stocking. Molas are beautiful fabrics used by women in Panama, and the stockings are a bright and lively way to decorate during the cold white winter months.

Be sure to send in your photos so we can display them on our website!


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