Monday, 4 December 2017

YouLearn Library (By Sarah Wilkie, EA)

If you haven’t been into YouLearn in Oliver in a while (or ever!), you may be pleasantly surprised by our great selection of elementary chapter books.

We have many books in the very popular Magic Tree House series, including some of the Merlin Mission books.  You may have read some of these books already, like Dark Day in the Deep Blue Sea or Sunset of the Sabertooth, but did you know…

...some of these great stories also have a companion book if you want to learn even more about the subject?!?  For example, Sabertooths and the Ice Age goes along with Sunset of the Sabertooth, and Sea Monsters goes along with Dark Day in the Deep Blue Sea. Each of these companion books has fun facts, photos, illustrations, and much more!

We are always improving our collection - as a matter of fact, we have several Magic Tree House books on order right now!  Check out our collection at YouLearn library, using the search term “Magic Tree House”.  If you see something that catches your eye, let us know!  We’ll make sure the book gets to you!

**Edited to Add By Sarah Moore**
The Magic Tree House website also has a series of missions (comprehension and reading games) that is free to all students! You can sign up here.


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