Thursday, 25 January 2018

Early Math Support

In working with a number of our younger students, I've been reminded of a Math resource that you may find helpful. If you have young mathematicians who are counting on their fingers, you might want to teach them Math Touch Points.

Here are a couple of pictures that might help explain it a bit better!

Wonderopolis! What do you Wonder?

Over the last two years that I homeschooled my daughter, I always struggled to manage the house-work and the teaching. Particularly at lunch time.

Enter Wonderopolis

I could put on the daily Wonder, and while I prepped lunch and had a few quiet minutes, my daughter was exploring her curiosity and watching the process that other people follow to learn about their wonders. 

As a busy mom with a pre-reader, I also appreciated that each of the Wonders have a "read to me option".

Also, it's FREE!

Here are a couple of our favourites:

What do you wonder?

Thursday, 11 January 2018

Overdrive- Digital Library! (By Sarah Wilkie)

Happy New Year!  Are you still keeping up with your New Year’s resolutions?  If one of your resolutions was to read more in 2018, then check out Overdrive!   You should all have your Overdrive login information, which will allow you to sign out audiobooks and ebooks.

Have you seen the collection of read-alongs offered by Overdrive?  These are picture ebooks that are professionally narrated for our younger students!  As the audio is playing, each word is highlighted to make it easier for students to follow.  Included are popular books, like Scaredy Squirrel, Splat the Cat, Curious George, and several Dr. Seuss books.  

There are some lesser known read-alongs, like Suki’s Kimono by Chieri Uegaki, which tells of diversity and acceptance through the story of a little girl who loves to wear her kimono.

To find the read-alongs, sign in to Overdrive, click the “Collections” tab at the top of the screen, then click “Read Alongs”.

P.S. For our older students, there are collections for you too:  Middle School Must Reads, Welcome to Hogwarts, Thrillers and Chillers, and more!!

4 Letter Word Motto & Robert Indiana Art

Hello again!

Apparently I'm on an art theme this week. I came across this amazing Art Lesson plan by Michelle Williams.

Using the style of Robert Indiana, she's curated videos that fit the theme and asks learners to create their own 4 letter word Wish for the World.

Post links to your work below! I'd love to see what our learners come up with!

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

How would you explain Art? + Google Cultural Institute

This video has gone viral recently, and I can see why. Alexa's way of explaining really well known art is delightful and adorable.

I wanted to point it out because the technology behind it might be something you want to use in your home!

Google Art & Cultural Institute has thousands of photos, high resolution photos of paintings, examples of architecture, biographies of artists, and high resolution photos of famous locations.

Here is one example. When you click the link you can zoom in and see brush strokes, details, and colours at a much closer look than you'd see in most museums.

Snow at Argenteuil (Neige à Argenteuil) Claude Monet ca. 1874-1875