Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Space Man!

I am a huge space fan and Elon Musk's Space X is such an exciting prospect.

I watched with eager anticipation their launch of the Falcon Heavy a couple of weeks ago! It was so exciting to see the best of humanity coming together to build a new path forward. Innovation, collaboration, and setting our sights on the literal stars are what education should be about! (Here is their recap webpage)

One thing that happened was the Cherry Red Tesla and Spaceman Suit that got launched inside the rocket payload. He'll go wandering around our solar system, and see all kinds of awesome sights that humans will be traveling to before too long.

If you are interested in watching launches, here is a comprehensive list of launch schedules from across the world.

My favourite homeschool art site also created an art project based on Starman! Deep Space Sparkle has a cool chalk art project for you to do!

Send in pictures of your completed StarMan and I'll post them here!


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